We care about remarkable quality and taste when it comes to producing a culinary staple- the extra virgin olive oil.

We choose the fresh fruits from age-old olive trees in our groves that are cultivated, nurtured and locally collected in their natural environment. Our freshly-pressed olive oil (with low acidity level and excellent organoleptic properties) is produced at room temperature in order to obtain the unique aroma of the olives given by the rich soil of the region as well as to preserve natural antioxidants. 


 Moreover, we bring you this exquisite taste from the true origin of olive oil... Orontes d’Antioch is brought to life with respect to the long history and tradition of olive oil production in the ancient land of Antioch.


We are here to rewake this forgotten land in the Mediterranean and share our mutual love for olive oil. 


Historians acknowledge that the olives were first cultivated in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean, in the region known as the “fertile crescent,” and moved westwards over the millennia. As the first western outpost of the Great Silk Road and a major trade city for the Roman Empire, Antioch was exploited to be the center of olive oil production before olive trees were planted in the entire Mediterranean basin under Roman rule. Even after the fall of the Roman Empire, olive oil production remained as a tradition in Antioch where many families have earned their living from olive cultivation.


Based on the core principle of producing a high quality product while remaining dedicated to the traditional history and values of Antioch’s olive oil production, we took on the challenge to offer these superior olive oil products with distinctive production and packaging techniques that match their purity, specialty and intrinsic value. 


While presenting a drop of the exquisite ‘liquid gold’ from the crops of a mysterious land to our valued customers, our dedication to antiquity, traditional workmanship and community support is reflected in every stage of our production process. Our olive oil and soaps are packaged in hand-made wooden boxes crafted by a local artisan. We provide year-round employment to women (who help hand-pick our olives and craft our beautiful olive oil soaps) to help them to pursue their dreams and build a better life for themselves and their families.

Our love for olive oil has a significance and we are very proud of it. We produce with love and care. 


Help us spread the joy! This is an experience you will not forget.